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Welcome to the virtual HTML course

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Get a well-paid job as a webmaster and do what you love in life!

They say that money can't buy happiness, but on the other hand, it's challenging to pursue our greatest passions without it. Maybe your dream has always been to travel the world, climb Mount Everest, skydive, or you simply need a new car. It turns out that, unfortunately, ambitious plans are difficult to achieve without a good job.

You probably know that the IT (information technology) industry pays very well. But perhaps you think it's a boring job for brainiacs and certainly not for humanities graduates. If you think so, you are right - it just seems that way 😉 Not everyone knows that there's a profession in the IT industry that allows you to earn well, have fun, and you can do it even if math wasn't your favorite subject in school. That profession is called a webmaster.

What does webmaster do?

In large companies, many people are involved in creating websites. Among them are:

  • Graphic Designer - the person responsible for the visual design of the website
  • Programmer - the brainiacs in checkered shirts 😉
  • Webmaster - they receive the design from the graphic designer and turn it into a functioning website, then pass it on to the programmers. They are the ones who bridge the gap between artists and tech-savvy individuals.

Not everyone has an innate artistic sense. Also, not everyone needs to have a strong mathematical mind. But with a bit of willingness and dedication, anyone can become a webmaster. What's crucial is that it's not a boring "assembly line" job. Each of your projects will be slightly different. Each will require a creative approach. Moreover, every day you'll be creating things that look great and will prove helpful to millions of users. Imagine the faces of people when at the next family gathering or when meeting long-lost friends, and someone asks, "What do you do now?" and you reply: "I create websites used by half of our country" 🙂

Combine work with passion, and you'll never really have to work... and you'll be paid quite well for it 🙂 So, no matter what you're doing now, don't waste any more time making excuses. Thanks to a good job, start pursuing your biggest dreams! Don't wait for someone else to get ahead of you.

Create your first website in just one day

Too good to be true? You don't have to believe me. In this course, you'll find a special section titled "HTML for greens", which will allow you to create your first website from scratch in just one day. Find out if being a webmaster suits you and decide what you want to do next. Only one day - that's not too much to change your life, is it?

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Why should you read this course?

  • If you want to quickly and effortlessly create your website on the Internet without delving too deeply into HTML syntax, the "For greens" chapter will teach you how to do it from scratch and entirely for free.
  • Description of the HTML language is based on the specifications of the W3C, which is one of the world's largest authorities in this field.
  • The clear graphic design of the website makes reading easy, the content layout (divided into chapters and points) allows you to quickly absorb the knowledge you've learned, and the casual writing style makes learning enjoyable and faster (the difficulty increases as you progress).
  • Almost every description is supported by relevant examples - even if you don't understand something right away, the examples will explain everything. What's more, you can immediately try out each HTML example, changing its code and observing the results live, without the need for any additional programs. To do this, click the "Live edit" button directly above each example code block.
  • Many chapters contain a "Questions and Answers" section with concise solutions to many common problems. It was developed based on real questions frequently asked by webmasters during the website creation process.
  • A wealth of notes and observations will help you avoid difficult and unexpected problems, and practical tips will help you learn various "tricks" useful for creating websites (many other courses only briefly present this or skip it altogether).
  • You can freely use this course on your smartphone and tablet. Do you commute to work, school, or college every day? Instead of staring out the window on the bus, tram, or train, take out your smartphone and use that time for your education!
  • All pages have been specially prepared for printing, although I recommend using the course directly on your computer (unless you have too much ink in your printer 🙂

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