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HTML for greens - HTML

Let's get started!

Is website development really as difficult as they say?

I see that you are "green"... but don't worry. If you really want to "change color," read the text below. It will help you create your first web page, even in just one day. If you think that writing web pages in HTML is like "black magic" and the webpage itself is some mysterious and very complicated document, you're mistaken. Writing a simple web page is easier than you think. So, stop wasting time on excuses like, I won't learn anything! and similar, because it's not true. Start reading better.

I have only one request: try to read the entire content on this page as carefully and sequentially as possible. If you skip a point or read it too quickly, it may cause you not to understand the following parts.


The description here has been developed based on the following specifications: