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How to insert an email address on a web page?

<a href="mailto:email address">link description</a>
Instead of "email address", you should enter your email address (e.g.,

This link is useful when you want to include the address of your email inbox (email) on the page. This way, you will be in constant contact with internet users visiting your website.

Remember that providing your address on a website may result in receiving unwanted messages - spam. A good idea may be to create a free email account on any internet portal and provide the address of such an account on your website - you can always change the free account. When creating a website on a free server, you often get an email account. You can use it then.

Example <a mailto>

As an example of using such a link, you can send me an email. Just please, if you don't have anything specific to write, don't send me empty emails 😉

Questions and Answers

How to Insert an Email Address in HTML?

To do this, you need to place a link tag on the page with an attribute that contains the email address preceded by "mailto:". For example, if you want to insert a link to the address "", you should use the following code: <a href="">...</a>.

Why Doesn't the Email Link Work?

Usually, the reason is the lack of the "mailto:" text before the email address in the link. It should be, for example: <a href="">...</a>.