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How to insert a link (hyperlink, hypertext link) in a Web page?

(across the entire Internet)

Users can also be directed to other people's websites, not just their own, and this does not in any way violate copyright (unless you sign it as the author of that page 😉). On the contrary, it is free advertising for the page to which the reference is made.

The syntax of a link to a web address (across the entire Internet) is as follows:

<a href="web address">link description</a>
The rules for entering the "link description" are the same as for a link to a subpage.
Instead of "web address", you should enter the address of the place on the Internet where you want to go (e.g.,

The web address must always begin with http:// or https://

This type of link is useful if you want to include so-called links to any websites across the entire Internet on your site. When surfing the web, if you come across an interesting page, you can copy its address (from the browser's address bar) and place it in a link. Thanks to this, all users visiting our website will be able to go directly to the indicated page without having to type its address.

Example <a https>

To see an example of how this type of link works, you can click here (it will take you to the home page of the search engine).

Questions and Answers

How to Create a Link to a Website?

For example, to insert a link to Google, you should use the following code: <a href="">Go to Google</a>.

Why Doesn't the Internet Link Work?

Probably, at the beginning of the link's address, "https://" or "http://" is missing. It should look like this, for example: <a href="">Go to Google</a>. A less common reason may be using "https://" when the linked page only supports "http://". The first type is safer for the user because it provides an encrypted connection, but if it doesn't work, you need to use the second type.

How to Open a Link in a New HTML Tab?

To do this, you need to add a special attribute to the link tag: <a target="_blank" href="">Open Google in a new window</a>.